Three Wheel Scooter

Three wheel scooters are the perfect choice for children or adults, depending upon which design you are looking for. Many children can use three wheel scooters that are similar to the design of a tricycle until they get more comfortable riding on a regular scooter or bicycle. A three wheel scooter for a child is incredibly safe, and it provides the opportunity for them to learn balance as they maneuver on sidewalks.

There are also quite a few three wheel scooter options for adults if you want to wheels in front to give you more control as you ride. This is a much more advanced three wheel scooter concept that allows more balance to a larger electric or gas scooter, especially if you are worried about the road condition. The main advantage of having these two wheels in the front as opposed to a single wheel is that you will have better traction if the road is bumpy or even wet. This is something that so many people are concerned about when riding a scooter, especially since they are exposed to the elements.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for an interesting scooter option for adults or children, the three wheel scooter is where it's at. This is a newer design that will give you exactly what you're looking for in a scooter, as well as increased stability on the road. For children, it presents a fun way to learn mobility before progressing to a bicycle or larger scooter!

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